Designer Amina Means debuts highly anticipated Shoe designs at New York Fashion week with a stunning collection full of pieces intended to both appeal to the brand's longtime customers and delight an entirely new audience. 


Amina Means has quickly established herself as a master of color mixing, and this collection is no different — one only has to see the Color Hues and totally fall in love with the creativity behind the brand.


When asked what Inspired this Spring collection, Designer Amina Means says “Think Bold, Resilience, Emancipation, Unorthodox” – My Shoes are Tools of Empowerment on the feet of the person who wears them. I want you to be Confident and believe you can conquer the world in my Shoes because you can – Amina Means


Describing the IT Shoe for Spring “The Quintessential Fem – Proverbs 31” as a Unique creation that was made to define gravity and break Style rules, the shoe features a long silk satin robe crisscrossed from ankles to knees. Frontal soles features Polythereune Plastic with Elegant Black studded jewelry.

This Unique design was featured at many shows by Designers Alexandra Nyman of LadyCat Fashion and Karolina Lankocv of K.lankocv (The Society Fashion Week and the beauty Its Everywhere)

Other Styles featured by the Designer where “The Avant Garde’ – A sleek brusque Rabbit fur style with Gold chain detail.

These small, delicate Gold Chains are packed with details in texture. Materials can range from a soft suede finish to a thick Rabbit fur while embellishments attached at the side for perfect fit. Think Elegance, boldness, and plenty of Trims and details! The Silver Grey is definitely not one to miss

Voted as A Fashionista Favorite “The Luxe Femme” which comes in Crimson, Grey, Green and Red features a sleek large luxurious jewelry on the front with customizable heels from 120mm. This style is so easy to transition from Day to Night

The Transformational Beige Twin Soles ‘ Femme Fatale & The brogue boots are definitely appropriate for the season.

We love the two-toned Brogue boots with delicate leather finishing.

The Femme Fatale continues to be an essential key item for in-between seasons. This staple Soles gives an immediate polished look to any kind of outfit.


Inspired by Ancient Egyptian Gladiators, The Damsel not Distressed Sandal is pairs very well with all outfit types – This style is an elevated Mule with strappy button details up to ankle level length. The two tons of white and black makes it much sleeker than any Gladiator sandals made.


More looks from New York Fashion Week powered by the Society Fashion week and The Beauty Its Everywhere Show.








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  • These shoes are seriously the ultimate fashion statement, but not in an overdone kind of way. I love them!

    Sydney Muller on
  • I need all these shoes in my closet. The black satin heels with the crystals are my favorite!

    Olayinka on
  • It is interesting to see they are still very focused in on pastels this year, this naked color palette seems to be a trend that is here to stay.

    Jen @ Jenron Designs on
  • Shoes shoe shoes omg all of them are just absolutely beautiful. I use to just watch fashion shows just to ogle over the shoes.

    Diana on
  • So many great pieces.


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