Exceptional craftsmanship is part of Nalebe’s DNA; we take pride in using organic durable materials. Our dedication to time-honoured craftsmanship and innovative design shows in our beautiful shoes.


Every idea or strategy to improve starts with a problem. Our business idea was born out of a life-changing experience by Amina Means, who sprained her ankle while on a family trip. Means decided to take her infatuation with heels to the next level.

Through In-depth research, visitations with multiple artisans, footwear consultations in Milan Italy - Nalebe was Born in 2018 with one goal - Infuse Comfol with Style in a sustainable manner.

”Each shoe in this collection is finely crafted in Milan with a new and modern take on global aesthetic that communicates community, connection and customer centricity” - Amina Means (Founder/CD of Nalebe)


Nalebe Footwear is made in one of the oIdest houses known for quality footwear in - Milan Italy.

The Factory has been in operation since the 1984, every detail of our footwear is Hand made by our Italian Artisans!

We are partnered  with  two Factories  in Milan Italy, One Factory in the City hub 
in  Milan Italy and the other in the beautiful city of Parabiago, Milan.


“I started Nalebe because there was a huge gap in the footwear industry in which most beautiful shoes were only Beautiful" the technical specifications of the shoes
were never made to be
COMFORTABLE” (Amina Means, Founder).

Other Unique factors that bring Nalebe to life include - Our signature design elements which draws inspiration from cultural references, anisanal craftsmanship, Inclusivity. We design styles for all races to match their skin tone to their shoes. Another big pan of our uniqueness is our superior quality service we provide through our products and interactions with our customer. Nalebe has successfully built a community around our business of loyal customers because of the quality of our products and services.

Signature Design Elements

  • Infuse novelty focused details into timeless pieces (Today’s fashion mixed with tomorrow’s need) 
  • Expressive – Our shoes create shared experiences through design (conversation starters) 
  • Interpret cultural references into modern wearable art  Form and Function  
  • Ability to consistently deliver Superior quality in a unique and special way every season (Our shoes offer a fresh perspective every season) 
  • Balancing comfort with creativity (Easily recognizable) 


it is crucial for our customers to be in love with their shoes. With our design service, we allow customers to create their dream pair of shoes. Made-to-Order allows clients to select the silhouette, colour, fabrication, heel heights of your choosing, with personalised details that make for truly one-of-a-kind designs.

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