The Eureka Collection

The Eureka collection by Nalebe amplifies the essence of Hope, the harvest (Transformation) and Rebirth.

After a long year following the Covid Pandemic, everyone deserves a "Eureka - A-Ha" Moment.

The colors this season are intentional choices of a melange of Fluo Orange, peridot green, fuchsia pink etc. The Theory of the harvest theme in this collection shows creativity as fulfilling, sacred, a gift and an honor.

The Yield of the harvest is a journey only the farmer knows too well. The season's favorite shoes "The Stellar" represents the connection between the beauty of art expressed in the Eureka Collection

The Dimante shoes represent a season of transformation, hence the butterfly accessory because we often delight in the transformation and beauty of the butterfly, but very rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty (Quote From Maya Angelou)


"I truly hope this collection blesses you and constantly reminds us to focus on the positive things in life which do not come with a price. From my heart to your feet with love - Amina Means"